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Certified Naturally Grown (CNG) was born of a commitment to healthy food, healthy soils, and the belief we could create something uniquely valuable to family-scale farmers and the communities they feed. 

CNG farmers don't use any synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides or GMOs. Our certification model encourages collaboration, transparency, and community involvement. We actively support Local Farmers Networks.

More than 700 farmers and beekeepers in North America are Certified Naturally Grown. Please join the farmers and beekeepers at the heart of the movement! Support CNG with a contribution today. 

Learn more about our certification programs at naturallygrown.org


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commented 2015-03-24 10:55:10 -0400 · Flag
I am excited about my new relation with CNG and look forward to many years of association
commented 2015-03-16 23:02:07 -0400 · Flag
As a small grower and now certified naturally grown I am excited to be apart of a community of farmers supporting each other…I see many opportunies to shout out to my neighbor farmers about CNG
commented 2015-03-15 16:41:28 -0400 · Flag
Thanks for continuing with the CNG program. It is just right for small producers like me. www.florasorganics.com
commented 2015-02-07 21:04:47 -0500 · Flag
Alice and Aly…thank you both so very much for meeting with us today at the PASA conference…yet another reason why we love CNG!

Safe travels back to NY!
commented 2014-12-24 10:02:13 -0500 · Flag
hank you very much for the info
followed this page 2014-07-16 09:21:30 -0400
commented 2014-01-21 22:33:28 -0500 · Flag
It seems that the natives (indigenous peoples) have great experience in natural and healthy food production.Wisdom exists…Networks exist…but does a clear political will generate enough gumption for the needed stand against multinational misdirected practices?Tsunami coming?…..Wisdom would change our collective focus now.
commented 2013-11-12 21:25:31 -0500 · Flag
Hi Steff – Dairies would apply for CNG certification using the livestock application!
commented 2013-11-12 12:59:24 -0500 · Flag
commented 2013-11-12 10:50:08 -0500 · Flag
Too bad no certification for dairy!
commented 2013-10-29 12:32:40 -0400 · Flag
stupid comment for a great program.keep on trying ’till someone listens. Dance at the harvest fest but keep talking to people all the time.
commented 2013-10-28 11:06:39 -0400 · Flag
We tend a fire that requires vigilance so it may be passed forward…..action being different than words. Dance like no one is watching……PAX
commented 2013-10-27 21:12:00 -0400 · Flag
Wonderful , Ed. I like your words. Well said.
commented 2013-10-27 19:55:09 -0400 · Flag
Pure water, Pure food, Pure air……the goal. Clarity, Peace, Integrity and Hard Work are some of the vehicles.Do your Best be Happy.
commented 2013-08-25 22:04:11 -0400 · Flag
As a CNG small farmer, we take a special pride in the one on one certification and educational process that envelopes our commitment to growing truly healthy foods for our family and our community. Many CNG farmers go well beyond the organic and OMRI standards to produce truly natural foods without the use of any products that have the potential to harm human well being, damage soils or wild life. The farmer to farmer review process offers such a greater wealth of knowledge and exchange of practical experience than any “Organic Certification” program I have heard of thus far. Every week, sometime twice a week, our community of CNG farmers talk at farmers markets to share insights and offer helping hands to further and improve our CNG commitments. BRAVO for Certified Naturally Grown for creating a deeper and wider foundation for growing healthy foods and communities.
commented 2013-06-28 17:49:58 -0400 · Flag
Great idea! Global local movement for small scale farmers and beekeepers. What could be more perfect!
commented 2012-12-05 11:03:33 -0500 · Flag
Just wanted to say to HELLO to fellow CNG Farmers, Supporters, and Customers.
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Certified Naturally Grown posted about About on Certified Naturally Grown's Facebook page 2012-10-03 21:01:59 -0400
The grassroots alternative to certified organic for direct-market farmers and beekeepers.
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The grassroots alternative to certified organic for direct-market farmers and beekeepers. http://cngfarming.nationbuilder.com/?recruiter_id=2
Certified Naturally Grown
The grassroots alternative to certified organic for farmers and beekeepers producing food for their local communities.