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Butte Mountain Farm

Jackson, California

Butte Mountain Farm is a diversified small farm. We raise various vegetable crops, chickens for eggs and meat, sheep for wool and lamb meat, and beeswax candles are made. We raise extra plants for sale each year, such as herbs, vegetable and flower seedlings and at times plants in 4” to gallon containers are also available.

Butte Mountain Farm is located 3 miles east of Jackson at about 1800’ elevation. Most of the land was cleared years ago for cattle grazing and it was used for that purpose when we purchased it in 1997. At that time the cattle were removed and sheep were brought in. No sprays, herbicides nor pesticides have been used here since we've owned it.

The sheep are are Cormo and Rambouillet so the fleeces are wonderful for handspinning. We do have a few pure Cormos that have very soft, white fleeces.

The chickens are fed a certified organically grown feed and eat greens from the vegetable growing area. Half of the flock are fed a Soy-Free feed so eggs and stewing birds are available that do not contain any soy.

(This listing was last updated on February 27, 2019)


17336 Butte Mountain Rd.
Jackson, CA 95642
Amador County



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