Produce Application

Brickland Farm

Owner: Jerry Tuttle

6877 Brickland Road
Kenbridge, VA 23944
Lunenburg County

daytime phone: (804) 539-4406

Application Date: 2015-05-15

Applicant Details

Please briefly tell us why you are applying to be part of the Certified Naturally Grown program: *
I currently produce and sell organic products to grocery stores and local consumers. The certification in my opinion will open more markets for my produce; especially for consumers and businesses that require proof that they are buying what has been presented to them. I have been working toward the Organic certification but I cannot afford to pay the travel for the inspectors. I feel that this certification will achieve my over all purpose and is affordable. Jerry
Are you currently third party Certified for your produce operation by any other organization (Organic, Biodynamic, etc)? *
Have you ever been certified in the past? *
Have you ever been denied certification? *
How did you hear about Certified Naturally Grown? *
Mother Earth News article

General Farm Information

Farm Acreage you want listed as Certified Naturally GrownTM:
Total Farm Acreage you actually GROW on: *
Number of above acreage that you own: *
Number of above acreage that you lease: *
Do you have other acreage in "Conventional" Agricultural Systems? *
General Listed Acreage Breakdown
Veg Crops:
Fruit Crops:
Other Acreage:
Please check all items you grow and will market as Certified Naturally GrownTM *

Please Specify Any Other Items:
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Please Specify Other Markets:
Provide local consumers that either come to the farm or that I deliver.

Farmland Management and Practices

Primary Tillage System: *
Tractor discs the land in October for planting of a cover crop. The cover crop is then tilled under I alternate this with the year that I amend the soil with chicken manure. Chicken Manure is tilled into the land. The three acres of strawberries are in process. In fact the land is being prepared now by the use of chickens to till the soil.
Do you use Cover Crops? *
If yes, please list: *
Austrian Peas Organic
Do you use Compost? *
Do you use Manure? *
If yes, please note general sources (local dairy, horse farm, etc.): *
Local Chicken farm in the past and now from my own chickens. I use manure every two years. The manure is spread in October.
Please list application rates. Give a specific amount or range (for example: one to two tons per acre, ten wheelbarrow loads per 1,000 square feet, or 1-2 inches deep). Do not answer "varies". *
One ton per acre
What time of year do you apply the manure? *
Early October
Do you apply any non-composted Manure within 120 days of veg-crop harvesting? *
Please list any other brought in fertility sources that you use (specific rock powders, lime, soybean / alfalfa meal, specific purchased pre-mixes, etc)and how often it's used. If you indicate a name brand product, please also specify the ingredient/s. *
Lime Organic Once a year to increase pH level for certain vegetables. Organic Tomato Tone Once a year.
Have any chemical fertilizers been applied to the fields you are seeking Certification for in the last three years (36 months)? *
Have any non-acceptable pesticides and/or herbicides been applied to these fields in the last 3 years? *
Do you use Professional Soil Testing services? *
Describe your primary weed problems AND methods of control. Do not answer "none". You MUST indicate either actual weed challenges and/or LIKELY challenges, and you must ALSO indicate how you manage (or would manage) them. If you indicate a product, also specify how often it's used. *
In regards to weeds. I only use my hands. To control weeds I use Wheat Straw in the rows and around the plants. I have the most problem with Nut Grass, I do not use any chemicals in my farm land. The land has not been used except by me in the past 25 years to plant any crop other than hay.
Describe your primary insect challenges AND methods of control. Do not answer "none". You MUST indicate either actual pest challenges and/or LIKELY challenges, and you must ALSO indicate how you manage (or would manage) them. If you indicate a product, also specify how often it's used. *
Cabbage Worms, Potato bugs, Aphids rarely. The cabbage worms I pick these off by hand. The same is true for the potato bugs however I have used organic wheat flour that did the trick. Aphids; I spray with water but have also used lady bugs. In addition. I plant Marigolds, Nasturtium, radishes, basil, and other plants to ward off insects.
Describe your primary disease challenges AND methods of control. Do not answer "none". You MUST indicate either actual disease challenges and/or LIKELY challenges, and you must ALSO indicate how you manage (or would manage) them. If you indicate a product, also specify how often it's used. *
Potato blight and tomato blight. Potato, I no longer product potatoes; too much work for the profit given the bugs and the blight. The tomato blight I remove the bottom layer of leaves; I plant the plants at least 18 inches apart. All tomatoes are staked with Organic hardwood stakes made for me to order. I use not chemicals for disease control. I also rotate my crops each year and only buy Heirloom Organically certified seeds.
Please list the water source you use for crop irrigation. If source is public river, pond or lake, please note the name: *
I don not water my farm. I only water plants that are planted as slips at the time of planting and maybe a few days later if no rain. The water comes that is used comes from a well on the farm.
Are there any known contaminants in the irrigation water? *
Are you a maple producer who seeks to certify your sugarbush? *

Seeds, Transplants and Buffers

Do you purchase or grow using any Genetically Modified seeds? *
Do you use any chemically treated seeds in your operation? *
Do you grow your own transplants? *
Are they grown using Naturally Grown/Organic methods? *
If they're not grown according to CNG methods, please list them here. This produce may not be sold as Certified Naturally Grown. (If they are, put "N/A") *
Do you purchase any transplants from outside sources? *
From which sources do you buy transplants? *
I only buy peppers from an Organic Certified producer. These are for my own use and are not sold. The source is Weaver Street Organic Grocery in Chapel Hill NC.
How have you confirmed with your supplier that the transplants are grown without synthetic fertilizers or wetting agents? *
Please list any bought-in transplants not grown according to CNG standards. This produce may not be sold as Certified Naturally Grown (except, in the case of perennials, after twelve months of CNG cultivation). *
Chemical/Spray Drift and Buffers:
Is there any likelihood of Chemical/Spray drift contamination of your fields? *
Do you have an adequate buffer to protect yourself from potential contamination? *
Please describe your buffer. Be as specific as possible. On all sides, how far is it from your crops to the next closest use (road, conventional crop, residential yard)? Be sure to specify what is grown on neighboring land that is in agricultural use. For example: To the north and east, a wooded area of at least 100 yards separates us from the neighbor's corn fields, to the south is a fallow field at least 100 yards deep separating us from the road, and to the west about 60 feet separates our crops from a field where conventional corn and soybeans are grown. *
The South has a barrier of trees that separates the road from the property. The field is then 100 feet away from the buffer. There is one yard on the other side of the road. The east is more than three miles from another field or farm (woodland). I own the hay field that borders the vegetable farm and future berry farm. The North is bordered by woodland and no farms. The closest yard is 1500 feet away and bored by 200 year old hardwoods. The West, the field is 200 feet from the private drive to the home and bordered by a meadow and woodland. The nearest yard is 2000 feet and is bordered with hardwoods.


Please indicate your agreement with the following statements by checking the boxes.
I will not label, or in any way lead consumers to believe that produce not raised in accord with CNG standards is Certified Naturally GrownTM. *
I understand that I have to complete at least one (and hopefully more) Certification Inspection(s) of another farm in my area each year, and that the inspection will NOT be of the same farmer that inspected me. *
I have reviewed the Certified Naturally Grown certification standards, I understand them, and I will abide by them. I understand that if I have any questions I may contact CNG for clarification. *
You may use this space to tell us anything else you think we should know about your farm:
The farm is a 200 year old tobacco plantation that has not been planted in over 25 years. I bought this farm with the purpose of growing my own food and becoming self sustaining. I would like to begin farming full time upon retirement and I feel that being certified will improve my ability to market my produce. In addition I am in the process of working with local government agencies to provide organic product from my farm to the needy. The area is not an organic friendly area for consumers. In other words hard to buy at local markets. The markets that I am able to sell to are in Richmond Virginia. I am sponsoring a farm to table event at my home August 29, 2015 for friends and community to promote the produce that I have grown. The strawberry fields are in the very early stages using the organically fed chickens to cultivate the ground. We are planting one acre per year until we are able to achieve a three year rotation of three acres on the property. Jerry