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Gra den Talun Farm

Eagle Bridge, New York

Born and raised in the Battenkill Valley, close to the Green Mountains of Vermont and the Berkshires, I was drawn to a life of agriculture after working on an organic mixed vegetable CSA for 10 years. When I started my own farm I decided to focus on small scale specialty crops, primarily garlic, but working on ginger, turmeric, woad, amongst other funky things!

I chose Certified Naturally Grown because I believe, personally, that the USDA will probably always be controlled by Big Ag and the large players, whereas grassroots certification of sustainable practices is democratic, "grassroots", and responsive to the voices of small scale farmers. I'm proudly CNG because it's not just about dotting i's and crossing t's- it's about building an operation with sustainability and biodiversity at its core.

(This listing was last updated on June 16, 2018)


127 Lincoln Hill Road
Eagle Bridge, NY 12057
Washington County


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